The HelmsMistress bring you her newest short film, "Mobula Ray Madness In Natures Aquarium" premiering on YouTube today. Click the link and check it out.

I’m proud to bring you my newest short film, “Mobula Ray Madness In Nature’s Aquarium” premiering on YouTube today.  Check out my newest film and if you like it….FOLLOW our YouTube Channel to catch the rest of the movies we’re working on.

Who knew there were hundreds more below him? 

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The HelmsMistress and her film team (the kids) work hard on these films and love doing them, bringing each of you closer and closer to nature’s action in the water.  While we don’t see these things every day and we do try to film the most extraordinary displays of nature we find….we don’t chase anything to get these shots.  Most of the pictures were shot by the HelmsMistress from Tulum-5 and most of the videos were shot by a combination of the LF2SF film team either from a paddleboard or from the boat.  We LOVE cruising and writing about it and hope you’ll continue to support us by simply reading our stuff.

Wanna hear something only I can tell you?  Tulum-5 makes a great adventure base and she’d make a great home for a couple or a family with younger kids….and she’s for sale.  Check her out here…..Tulum-5.   YES….click the link!

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