Since having WiFi is an important component to putting out content, we’ve made an effort to get more consistent stories out while we’re working on the boat. It has been a constant tug of war between exhaustion and writing content when I’m working on the boat most days, but easier when I’m on vacay. Till my very old, very tired MacBook Pro decides it’s time to finally try to die. But I don’t have the patience to go buy a new one right now, so the computer is getting a cleaning and a new battery and then we’ll be up and running again…hopefully by sat.

Obviously, this was not from the HelmsMistress, but she’ll be back next week as we get back to the boat and start work to get the new Vetus exhaust put in and get Tulum purring again.

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  1. Hey you guys, If I may suggest, and if you are not doing this already, when you are not using them, store your electronics in large ziplock bag(s) to keep the salt air off/out of the systems. We practiced this the entire time we were on the water and had no problemos with our phones, MacBook Pro, and iPad.

    Aside from that, we are staying in Pioneer, CA; 45 minutes south of South Lake Tahoe. All is okay here. Hope you are as well.

    Keep in touch. We miss you all.


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