Quincy and Boat Kitty sitting in a tree....looking at me.....waiting on parts!

As the writer, editor and overall super content finder for this website…I hate to put out content that doesn’t have much ummph to it.  So I’ll tell you plainly as possible.  Both Quincy Dane and Boat Kitty appear to be quite bored today as we cannot move the boat and are simply waiting on parts & mechanic.  This means things have settled into a bit of a routine for the animals.

But there’s hope for excitement around the corner.  We think parts are getting here this week soon from the US and so Quincy Dog will go back to the kennel soon so the mechanics can have unfettered access to the boat.

Perhaps, maybe, possibly, hopefully the right parts will come in so the fuel shop can fix the other parts and then all the parts can get to the boat QUICKLY so the mechanics can get our engine working,,,Tulum’s heart can start beating again.  We’ll see-

Stick with us, I’ll be putting out a more exciting post tomorrow (Mon) and the HelmsMistress will be back on Weds-

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