The author has started to find some kind of basic running routine.

I’m not a big fan of pavement/“road running”.  But 2 days a week I’ve started running a pavement path round our local park while the kids do sports.

Last workout I did here, I didn’t even run and I was ok with that.  See, when is the last time you did anything on your feet for more than an hour?  More than 3 hours….ect.  In order to walk/hike you have to go out and do it. Experience the achy feet (toughen them up), learn how the body reacts to walking and see what pace ~ heart rate you can maintain.  So I did that.  And I wasn’t that motivated to run.

Today…well I wasn’t real motivated but I wanted to get in a short workout of something.  It turned into a couple miles of intervals/fartlek + I was motivated enough to get the shoes off and do some barefooted grass laps. Yeah!

I’ll soon start doing more actual trails in the national park near my house.  And, the national park is at a higher elevation which can only help endurance.  

Today during my run I asked myself why I’m writing these blog posts about starting to to run again at my age, in the small town I live in, in the not-great shape that I’m in.   I mean, this is a blog about travel and traveling with kids but yet I’m publishing stories about starting to run again.  Why? 

Answer:  I’m not really sure.  I think in the end I’m doing it as a way to document a journey back to running, but if I can motivate someone to make a start for themselves, it’s probably a success.   

And the wonderful thing is that I don’t really care about judgement from others.  I judge myself harshly enough.   

This is not me. I just liked the photo. Thanks Pexels.

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