The author pulls an easy and fast recipe from a cookbook he once sold door to door.

I surprised myself when I pulled out a cookbook I have not used in over 20 years.  The book is heavy and the weight reminded me of carrying it for months on end as my sample cookbook.  For three months during one summer I sold sets of books (including this heavy cookbook) door to door.  YEP, I walked door to door throughout a town in mid-state New York for months, trying to sell these sets of books by knocking on doors and convincing people to talk to me.  I did sell some books, but not enough to make much profit.  Needless to say, I didn’t sign up for another summer.  Taking the book out of the pantry and cracking it open for a fast dinner recipe took me down memory lane…and led to a decent dinner.

Today’s dinner idea for fast and easy Vegetarian Stroganoff comes from the hard to find cookbook, The Illustrated Encyclopedia of American Cooking…available from this LINK on Amazon but possibly no longer published.  The recipe is titled Easy Stroganoff and can be found on page 457.

This basic and easy recipe calls for ingredients to make the tomato based sauce, ground beef and noodles.  Although I didn’t have every single ingredient, I followed the recipe as best I could, with a few minor changes.  

I used Impossible Foods Plant Beef to substitute for the beef in the mix (can’t really taste the difference) and I didn’t have any tomato juice the recipe called for, so I just watered down some tomato sauce instead.  

Aside from all that, the recipe was fast and easy and came together well.  The family wolfed it down and had no idea it was a pretty healthy meal.  

Cooking up the Impossible Plant Beef.
Putting together all the ingredients for the sauce.
Just threw the noodles into the sauce to start them cooking.
Here’s the meal with the beef (Impossible) and onions mixed in and about done.

We’re all about traveling with family but on Monday’s I try to highlight something we cooked that worked…or didn’t work well that you can recreate pretty easily.  Seriously, if I can cook any of this stuff, so can you! 

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