Friends of the family and LiveFree2SailFast came through town about three months ago and visited, taking some stickers and shirts with them as they continued their travels.  They’ve made it up the Alaskan-Canadian Highway (the Alcan) to visit family of their own up there.  Here’s a quick note we got from them:

You will have seen that we have now arrived in Anchorage & are enjoying time with the family.  About a week ago, as we crossed the Yukon-Alaska border, we noticed that folks had stuck stickers on the back of the border sign.  So, having a stack of 29 Palms YC  stickers that XXX gave us, we posted one amongst the many other stickers.  I’m attaching a couple of photos that maybe you could pass on. – so he knows it’s out there, miles from southern California, for others to see.  And please say hello to him & wife.  We have 3 weeks here in Anchorage before heading back to NZ, arriving early in September.

So,,,how cool is this,,,that this cool couple from New Zealand took a couple of stickers and are now proceeding to throw them up in the 50th state.  Cool, here’s what it looks like:

You’ll also remember my post about how some pirate mysteriously decided to decorate a certain buoy on the Colorado River with the same sticker, as seen below:

Some pirate put our sticker on that buoy!!!

I’m also told on good authority that a LF2SF sticker may also be stuck somewhere in the Breakwater Brewing Company and the possibly somewhere in Little Miss Brewing in Miramar.

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