Lots of work today and yesterday, but low mileage on the Fitbit.  Sometimes the Fitbit doesn’t tell the whole story,,,,so don’t aways believe or rely on it solely for your workout inputs,,,I use it as a supplemental tool unless running.

Yesterday, 171008, I spent most of the day taking down a large dead tree in my yard.  It was a significant emotional experience, lots of work to get the tree down, cut up and the stump cut down to a size that’s won’t block the view.

Today, 171009,,,,more work in the backyard.  I took down a dead palm tree and got it cut into manageable pieces that I could move by myself.  Then, I had to figure out how to take down an old cell phone tower that fell into my backyard.  NO, not like a government or private cell phone tower that’s huge, this was only 40 feet total but covered in wires and old communication gear.  Well, my trusty angle grinder made short work of it,,,and now it’s in pieces in the back of my truck, really for the dump.  Total for this weekend we removed two old dead trees and the old fallen cell phone tower.  Cleanup is being achieved.  The Fitbit for today says 4.55 total with 10,685 steps.  And,,,,I managed to destroy the glass front of my new Fitbit somehow today,,,,so eventually I’ll need a new one.  Darn it!

Happy Columbus Day here in America and I’m looking forward to a great week. Remember, this blog isn’t straying from it’s niche, I’m just using this space to keep myself accountable for my own fitness, one day at a time.

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