The 1st Kids Corner- The weekly post by one of my two daughters living on our cruising sailboat.

As parents we’re working to get our kids involved with boat and cruising life (little by little) even as we sit on the dock.  The kids go to school M-F here on the dock and don’t have lots of free time during the school week, but on weekends have more time.  I told them I would start a place for them to post their own thoughts and writings on the blog as a way to get them involved with discussing the world around them; both here and out cruising.  So here goes, the first combined blog post by both of my girls, Kellyn age 7 and Teagan age 9.  Teagan or Kellyn or both will be posting at least once per week, trying for Sunday from now on.  Hi, kids Welcome to  Kids Corner!  my name is Kellyn. Now I’m going to teach you how FUN, EXCITING and BORING, it is TO LIVE ON A BOAT! (then she decided she was done and I let her sister start below)

Hello.  My name is Teagan.  The person that just wrote that article above mine is my sister, Kellyn.  We live on a boat with our mom, dad and dog, Quincy.  Now, you might be wondering what type of dog Quincy is.  Well, she’s a Great Dane and at 137 pounds,         you can imagine how big she is.  Today, Monday, Feb. 18, I’m just siting  here typing, trying to get time past until breakfast.  Then the usual.  I eat breakfast, take a shower, and then we leave the boat and we’re gonna go to Balboa.  There they have a GREAT museum and I TOTALLY have been waiting to go there for DECADES.  We’re lucky I don’t rot and fall apart.  Anyway, my FAVORITE book series is, {drumroll please} WINGS OF FIRE.  It may seem from the name that its like, a girl band, BUT ACTUALLY it’s a book series about DRAGONS!!!  ISN’T THAT EPIC!!!!!!  Anyway, the auther is Tui T. Sutherland.  Anyways, those books are the ONLY things that provide entertainment;  Except for our electronics (Not true, but that’s her opinion).  But I don’t want to mention that.  Anyway, our boat, Tulum 5, is AWESOME!!!!!  I love going into the cockpit and just laying in the sun.  More time would have been better, but I need to eat breakfast, so bye for now.  Teagan signing out.














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    1. Manu, I’ve been on your site and read your book review on A Thousand Splendid Suns. I couldn’t comment because of weak wi-fi but I thought it was a good review. I’ve spent alot of time in Afghanistan so I have some empathy-

      1. Thank you for reading. Life in Afghanistan is hard. Happy that you got an opportunity to know it first hand.

      2. I LOVED the people and the land. Have not been to a prettier place in awhile. Would love to go back but the Taliban are taking over.

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